Everything about designing and executing community strategy, measuring the metrics, frameworks, strategies and more...

Learn to drive product growth, retention and engagement through community and how to gather more insights and input through member feedback that goes beyond surveys.

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Weighing costs & factors of using third-party feed software vs building an in-house feed solution. A look at licensing, integration, scalability & more.

Mahir Gupta
June 20, 2024

Expert input on how to gather community feedback and incorporate it into the product development process. Learn how to identify ICP and build communities from scratch.

Pawan Rochwani
January 31, 2024

Understand the factors that guide the choice between building vs buying in-app community features. Explore key parameters, challenges, and available options.

Animesh Das
January 30, 2024

Learn about how to to build SaaS GTM strategies with community

Pawan Rochwani
November 28, 2023

Take a look into an insightful discussion on the evolution of community marketing between Brian Oblinger and Pawan Rochwani

Pooja Singh
October 30, 2023

You must have spent countless hours understanding your customers, refining your product, and marketing your brand. Despite this, you might face a major problem - spending a lot of resources on customer retention...

Stuti Bhandari
June 23, 2023

Product-led growth or Community-led growth, how should a business decide what works best for them? This is a question that can never have a one-size-fits-all answer. While the most diplomatic answer...

Divya Haritwal
September 19, 2023

Online events are today the life of a learning community. These community based events help in increasing student engagement and keep them motivated to continue working towards achieving the learning outcomes that they joined...

Nipun Goyal
December 19, 2021