LikeMinds Community Manager Bootcamp

A 360-degree course to begin your journey of becoming a pro community builder.

From marketing your community to monetizing it – this course will teach you all of it!

As part of this course you will learn:

  • How to develop a member onboarding strategy?
  • How to increase community engagement?
  • How to create the content strategy?
  • How to monetize a community?

… And much more! So, sign up for this all-round Community Management course today!

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How will you learn from this bootcamp?


This worksheet will help you route your way towards building your community.

In-depth Videos

7 broad topics, converted & broken down into 16 sub-topics, and taught via in-depth videos.

Comprehensive Quizzes

Made for you to do an analysis of how thoroughly you’ve understood the current topic and if you’re ready to dive into the next.

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