The State of Indian Community Management 2021

“Community is the new oxygen for organizations. Get key insights on the challenges, impact and growth of online communities in India”

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What is this report about?

The State of Indian Community Management Report is the first ever study that attempts to quantify and assess the impact of online communities in India and provide exclusive insights for working / aspiring community professionals working in the country around –
  1. Growth of brand and independent communities in India
  2. Role of events in any community
  3. Impact of COVID19 on communities based in India
  4. Sustainability of communities in India
  5. State of community management careers in India
It seeks its inspiration from the annual CMX Community Industry Report and is crafted by studying the data coming from 180 community builders from India who took the survey between the time period  of 14th June 2021 and 24th July 2021. Our results include the learnings and experiences of community builders from over 60 regions in the country, representing a range of industries and community sizes. For more details, download your copy of the report here.

Major Takeaways

The Community Industry in India has started to pick up in the last three years.

of online communities who participated in the survey were born during this period.

Organizations have started viewing communities as a more vital part of the business after the pandemic hit.

of our brand community builders shared that the organization’s investments in community programmes have increased

Hybrid communities will be our future.

respondents stated that they are looking to invest equally in both offline and online community initiatives post the pandemic

Communities led by individuals in India are moving towards sustainability.

of the independent community builders are running monetized communities.

We need more awareness around self care resources and practices for community builders as burnout in the industry grows.

of our respondents experienced burnout and for most this burnout happens in the first six – twelve months.

We need to train community builders of our ecosystem to build thriving communities.

of our respondents expressed the need for formal Community Management training programmes.

Launch of The State of Indian Community Management Report 2021

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