Unleashing the Power of Community Events and Activities

Niharika Saxena
June 5, 2023

Hey there, community builders!

Welcome to another exciting blog where we dive into the wonderful world of community events.

Events are the heartbeat of community management, pulsating with connection, engagement, and shared experiences.

As a passionate advocate for building strong communities, I am thrilled to share some invaluable insights I recently gained.

Look no further, because in this blog, Unlock the gateway to profound knowledge with this exceptional guide, curated by Minank Minnu, Chinmay Sharma, Vineet Nandan Gupta, Manohar Kabeer, and Nehaal Fakih. Within its pages, you'll discover game-changing strategies and unparalleled insights that will shape your perspective and elevate your understanding in ways you never imagined.

So, let's jump right in and discover the secrets to unleashing the power of community events!

This guide is divided into four sections:

Section 1: Understanding Your Community

To plan successful events, it all starts with understanding your community. Take the time to identify their interests and passions, for these will shape the type of events that resonate with them. Prioritize activities that truly matter to your community members, ensuring their engagement and enthusiasm.

While building a community, your members have different stages from when they are new to the community to becoming an advocate for the community. You should categorize members while designing events.

- Nipun Goyal, CEO, Founder of Likeminds

Remember, it's all about creating experiences that leave a lasting impact! By focusing on their passions and pain points, you can create events that provide valuable solutions and foster deeper connections.

Events focused on activating new users may look very different than the events focused on retaining super users.

For instance, if your community consists of small business owners, you could organize a panel discussion on marketing strategies tailored specifically to their needs.

Section 2: Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

Now that you know your community, it's time to bring your event ideas to life. Research and goal setting are the backbone of effective event planning. Dig deep, gather insights, and set clear objectives.

And don't forget the power of checklists! They'll be your trusty companions, ensuring a seamless flow and flawless execution. As Vineet Nandan Gupta, a brilliant community strategist said:

Every Community Manager should have an event checklist before hosting events; they can also involve members while creating and executing this checklist.

Curate events that offer a sense of value, exclusivity, and premium experiences, leaving attendees wanting more. According to Manohar Kabeer, a community consultant:

Associate your brand with everyday items so members are constantly reminded of it.

He said, "At 90ML, everyone knows Mango Cider (crafty beer). We then started receiving images from members of pubs or ad copies that include 90ML in their names."

For instance, if your community aims to enhance professional networking, you could organize a speed networking session or a themed networking event.

Nehaal Fakih, a Group Strategy Manager at Schbang says:

Gamify the event using ice-breaking and interactive sessions.

He gives a brief outline of what your community bond enriching events should include:

Section 3: Connecting Hearts and Minds

Building a strong community means building bridges between its members. Provide ample opportunities for networking and meaningful connections. Break the ice with creative techniques that foster camaraderie and bring people closer together.

Offline activities play a crucial role here, creating a space where community members can engage face-to-face and forge stronger bonds. Meenank Minnu, Head of Marketing and PR at PitchGround says:

Engage your audience with interactive activities such as quizzes, similar to KBC and utilize tools such as Spin The Wheel to keep things exciting.

Here is Meesho's Case study on "Retaining Members through Offline Events" by Varalakshmi Dwaraknath:

Ice-breaking techniques are essential in making attendees feel comfortable and fostering genuine conversations.

For instance, you could incorporate interactive games, networking icebreakers, or even a ""speed friending"" activity to help attendees form new connections.

According to Meenank:

While hosting online events, host activities that would interrupt the monotonous pattern, Assign simple tasks to them. This will help engage and involve more members.

Section 4: Nurturing Relationships and Embracing New Experiences

Building a community is a long-term commitment. Nurture relationships and foster a sense of togetherness that lasts beyond individual events.

Encourage experimentation, as it opens the door to exciting new experiences and keeps the community fresh and engaged.

Chinamy Sharma, Community Builder at Community Folks says:

Topical events and situation-led events are valuable assets to engage members and it is essential not to rely solely on traditional rituals.

Additionally, involve your community in the creative process. Let them design brand merchandise or artwork, giving them a sense of ownership and pride.

Think of Community members as friends instead of users to amply the sense of belonging!

Consider hosting unique events like hackathons, community challenges, or collaborative projects to create fresh experiences that surprise and delight your members.


There you have it, community builders—strategies to unlock the full potential of community events!

By understanding your community, crafting unforgettable experiences, fostering connections, and embracing new possibilities, you're well on your way to building a strong and thriving community. So, go forth and create events that leave a lasting impact, forging bonds and making memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Thank you for joining me on this community-building journey. Stay tuned for more insights and adventures as we continue to build vibrant and meaningful communities together. Until next time!

Remember, together we're unstoppable!

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