“LikeMinds’ mission is to reduce human loneliness by helping people build or discover highly engaging communities”

Why Communities?

Strong connections and a sense of purpose are both important to create belonging and reduce loneliness, and communities, for ages, have done exactly that.

We also know that community building is hard, just like building startups is hard. This is why we promote community entrepreneurship because it solves the problem of sustainability.

We help Community Entrepreneurs, set up, scale, and run income-generating communities. We do this by providing tools to manage memberships, paid events, workshops, and courses, while they focus on adding value to their community members’ lives.

About the Team

Here are some of our “A+” team members, leading important functions.
IITD alumnus | Ex co-founder at Curofy | Forbes India 30 under 30 in 2018
Passionate about tapping the power of communities to reduce human loneliness.
Architect, ex-Hotstar, and led the Android team at Curofy. Has always enjoyed building tech that can help users in day-to-day activities
Branding & Community Success
Tedx Speaker, CMX Community Professional 2020, Ex-Microsoft & FacebookRuns Community Folks, a community of Indian community builders
Product Growth (Pro)
NITian and Ex Meesho, Hopscotch & WMall.
Believes that the world needs a better social platform which fosters meaningful relationships.
Product Growth (Incubation)
NITian and Ex NestAway & Growsito; Civil engineer turned into a marketerHas led performance marketing for various brands & consumer tech companies
Lead, Android
NITian, 2x entrepreneur in college including 1 cash exit.
Making the product smoother and scalable progressively
IITian – 12+ year experience, part of early stage teams of Flipkart, LimeRoad & Tata CLiQ.
Conceptualising seamless experience in products and building them with sincere execution
Product Manager
Ex-Ithaka + PM with 5+ year experience, been through 0 to 1 many times. Has a mission to set up community entrepreneurs for success.
Growth Engineering
Tech heavy marketer; Dropped out from his college in 3rd year; Worked on multiple early stage products since then
Lead, Backend
IIITian | Ex-Locus & Rubique | 4+ years experience in backend developmentIntegrating new possibilities into the product one step at a time